Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Post. Because It's Been a While. Not Because I Have Anything Profound to Say, by Andi

The past few weeks have been much of the same.  Eating decent with a few mishaps and circuit training 3-4 times a week for about 50 minutes each workout.  I have not seen much change in my shape and I have not weighed myself.  I suppose it's a bit of a rut.  It's too hot to move the workouts outdoors.  My life is too busy to change the days or times of my workouts.  And frankly, I am too scarred of looking like an idiot in the gym if I try new things.  So I circuit train with running on the treadmill and weight training with the same 6 machines.  Come mid September I will start a Zumba class twice a week with my friend/cousin-in-law.  I am sure that will be fun!  I am a bit concerned it won't be as good of a workout as the circuit training but I'll be glad for the change of pace.  I am two weeks away from reverting to the morning workout.  I've been doing after-work gym visits this summer due to the kids' later summer camp schedule.  Sleeping in to 6 has been nice.  But I do think working out at 4 pm lacks some gusto.  Back to the 4 am wake-up call!

Speaking of gusto, yesterday I put a little extra effort into my workout.  Yesterday was my birthday.  Sunday I was in my mid thirties.  Monday I turned late thirties.  And for some crazy reason, I wanted to prove to myself that 38 did not mean I would start slowing down.  I decided to up the treadmill from the typical 5.5 to 5.8 and then I got nuts and went up to 6.0.  Hardly felt a difference.  So that's good.  And now I have decided I wont go below 5.8 on my runs anymore.

Accepting body size and shape is coming easier.  I went to two pools this weekend and I must admit I hardly thought about my roll of fat that protects my abs. 

Has anyone else noticed that Olympic track and field athletes display six pack abs when standing still.  And hugging.  And laying on the track.  And probably while eating ice cream.  It's a bit annoying.  They are not even flexing.  That's not normal. 

Does anyone else get  those Athleta catalogs and think these are normal healthy women whose body shapes are attainable?  I used to think that but their bodies look very Olympian to me.  

This post is clearly going nowhere.  The bottom line is that despite a rut, despite the birthday cheesecake in my fridge, despite skipping a workout today because I did not have my shoes, despite constant reminders that there are many women with coveted six pack abs, despite becoming a member of the late thirties club, I have decided (key word in this post) that I will not slow down and I will not revert to old unhealthy habits.  In fact, I will turn it up a notch. And I might even take the cheese cake to work tomorrow and share the fat-I mean joy. 

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