Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Important Observations About Zumba by Andi

Let’s get the business part of this post out of the way.  Yes, it’s been a month since my last post.  Yes, Tug and I told you we would post weekly.  I think I have indeed gained weight.  I have not journaled food on Fitness Pal in about 3 months.  I took two weeks off exercising.  I have eaten some bad things like Cheetos and French fries.  My clothes feel a little tight.  I am bummed about all this but encouraged that I had 6 workouts in five days.  That’s right.  One day I worked out two times.  That is because I started ZUMBA!
Disclaimer #1: I am not a good dancer. 
Disclaimer #2: I probably would not have done this if my friend Sarah did not ask me to join her.
Final disclaimer: No, I don’t really have the time for Zumba but I thank my husband for making it work.
Zumba meets twice a week at my local rec center.  I think I paid about $45.00 for 5 weeks.  I thought this would be an easier workout than my 40 minute running/weight lifting circuit workout.  I was so sure this would be a “workout light” that the first day I not only did my circuits in the morning, I wore a regular daytime bra to Zumba.    Both turned out to be mistakes.  In fact, I have made a few mistakes with this Zumba thing.  Let me share them with you.  I hope this helps any Zumba hopefuls make good choices instead of Andi choices. 
Lesson #1: Zumba is a really good workout.  You do not need to add a workout before or after it.  It would however be helpful to add a glass or two of wine before it.  That would assist in loosening up the joints and allow you to dance better.  (This is actually a lesson I learned in college.  Wine=good dancing).
Lesson #2: Wear a sports bra, not a regular everyday bra.  There is a lot of jumping, swooping and gyrating of which a regular bra cannot handle.  In fact, wear two sports bras.
Lesson #3: Panty liners can’t hurt.  I am pretty sure Zumba instructors don’t realize that many of their students have had children.  Need I say more?  Didn’t think so. 
Lesson #4: Take your glasses off.  Your face will sweat.  Your glasses will fall down your nose.  But more importantly, glasses allow you to see yourself in the mirror and that is a big no-no.  You do not want to see yourself in the mirror.  And there is a mirror.  Fifty mirrors, actually. 
Lesson #5: Don’t eat before class.  Especially Taco Bell.  (see Lesson #2)
Lesson #6: Get ready to meet the other You.  The You your spouse keeps telling you is inside.  That’s the woman whose hair blows in the wind on a non-windy day.  She’s that woman who wears electric blue eyeliner and shiny red pumps with peek-a-boo toes.  She’s the one who hangs with Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson on Sunday afternoons.  Ok, that might be a stretch.  Let me just say that it takes a lot of effort to shake it, shimmy, grind and pump it in any given beat.  And bit of effort toward this end will open a new view of yourself.  And she’s HOT!  (When you are not wearing glasses).
I am sure week two of Zumba will expose more lessons.  Seeing how I am still a novice, please feel free to share your own.  Help a sister out. 


  1. Brilliant. I literally guffawed several times! I did Zumba for a month and loved it, but yes! You nailed it! Thanks for sharing and for making me laugh-good medicine!

    1. Just spouting truth, Heidi. Thanks for the kind review. I love finding humor in life!

  2. Two measley hours a week for yourself is not too much to ask, IMHO. You deserve those hours, and at least you are spending them bettering yourself rather than in front of reality Tv!

  3. Oh, but Adam is so fine. Thanks, Sarah, for suggesting Zumba!