Monday, March 5, 2012

Truckin' On! 10 Weeks and 14 Pounds Later by Andi

It's been about 10 weeks since I made the commitment to myself to turn my health around! I have lost 14 pounds and a size or two in my clothes. I feel really great. I decided to go ahead and join the work "biggest loser" challenge about 4 weeks ago. I'm right in the middle of the pack with my total weight loss but that's no big deal. I know I lost most of the weigh so far in January. It's harder now to lose. I'm not putting up the big numbers like before. But that's okay. We have been a big support to each other. Almost every day you can find me and my work diet friends around the work conference table comparing lunches and talking about challenges we are having. Oh and also glaring at the sweets one of the contestants keeps bringing to work and leaving out for all of us to partake in.

I'm still right in the thick of feeling good and confident about the direction of my health. So good in fact, I am considering joining a challenge called "Dirty Girl!" This is a mud race/obstacle coarse for women to raise money for breast cancer research. It's in September. That will be so fun! There are around 8 of us at work looking to do this.

Something that has helped me kick up my work-outs...Tug gave me his old i-pod! It's my first i-pod ever. I learned how to search for and purchase play lists. Shape magazine has cool work-out play lists. I really like 80's music and one list combined some great 80's songs to a techno/work-out beat and I love it! It makes my work-outs nearly fun. I kinda get lost in the beat and time flies by so fast. Having the beat also helps me keep my pace up. No more angry gym guy music!

Finding healthy, easy to fix food has still be a little challenging. The bottom line is it requires time and effort. The i-phone program My Fitness Pal has been so very valuable tracking my intake. Still loving that! I recently bought the Skinny Girl margarita drink. It's 100 calories per serving but they think a serving is 4 ounces. That is NOT a serving. That's a taste test. So I can count on 200 for a decent sized drink. I am trying to keep my net caloric intake at or under 1200. With my workouts, I usually get up to 1400. That's is very doable. 1200 is hard. So working out is a must for me most days.

I am still getting up at around 4 am to get to the gym before work. I was worried about the recent time change thinking my body will think it's only 3 am. It was actually not too bad. As it turns out, 3 am is not that much different than 4 am. Both suck equally! Lucky me! In addition to increasing the time on my workouts to 45-50 minutes, I have increased my arm weights. I'm not trying to bulk up but I would like to build enough muscle to allow me to increase my calories. Again, I admit I have a slight food addiction.

So that's the 10 week scoop. It's all become part of what I do. It's not easy but it is easier to fit all this into the rest of my life. I am looking forward to celebrating my son's 8th birthday this weekend with him and too many of his friends in an "indoor camping" sleep over. Ballet has started for my daughter, which is a blast to observe and baseball for my son is just a few weeks away! And life goes on!

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