Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost Halfway Through the Year, Not Quite Halfway to My Goal by Andi

It's a beautiful May afternoon and I am catching some me time while the kids are playing next door.  I have about 20 minutes and then we have to run to get to baseball practice.  We'll be done about 6:30 just in time to grab a quick bite.  (read: eat out)  Just one example of LIFE throwing me curve balls.  Or I can skip dinner with the family and take a shake to practice.  Or I can get a stupid fast food salad.  Or I can not eat out but get all hungry and pig out when we get home.  I think I'm going to have to go for the shake. 

I have been working out before work 4 times a week again.  I added weights BACK in addition to cardio and planks.  My hands are still hurting following weights (remember hand injury) so I need a way around that.  I'll try towels around the weights tomorrow.  I found another great workout play list.  The Shape Magazine play lists are really great!  I like the tempo and the non stop play from one song to another.  Today I forgot my ipod and it was so hard to keep going on the elliptical.  I really need that beat.  It makes the world of difference.

My food intake has been very touch and go.  I have not been journaling.  An old friend even joined My Fitness Pal and befriended me and yet I still cannot get back into journaling.  I am up about 4 pounds from mid March.  Total weight loss is 12 pounds.  I have no one to blame but me.  Despite the work outs, I have indulged in the pizza hut buffet, had a piece of happy retirement cake, intentionally went through the Hardee's drive through for some fries.  I ordered fried zucchini as well because it sounded yummy like something I would see made on Chopped.  I was very disappointed.  It was fried.  That's all you need to know.  Bottom line: between the hours of 4-6, I lose it.  I need a plan.  I have no desire to chomp on carrots like some weight loss articles suggest.  I have no desire to have a tall glass of water and wait to make sure I'm really hungry.  I want some chips.  And crackers.  And koolaid.  Tomorrow I'll take the kids to the library after work.  Maybe keeping busy will keep me away from post work munchies. 

Tug has been working out more and I can see a difference in his muscles.  Very nice!  Good for him!  His new schedule is so great.  Having him home for dinners and weekends is priceless.  He and Ty have been working on Ty's catching skills.  That's so fun to watch. 

So here we are.  Nearly June.  We are about halfway through the year and I realize, I am not halfway to my goal!  Not good.  I need to get back on track!  I want so bad to meet my weight goal by the end of the year.  But I really wanted to meet it by NOW and spend the next 6 months maintaining.  So much for that plan.  Nonetheless, time to get serious again.  I don't want to journal.  I don't want to diet.  I want to loose 16 pounds more.  These diet quick result pills are looking better and better.  I know they don't work but I still wonder "maybe that one will work!"  Which begs the question, how much would you PAY to lose 16 pounds?  Like easy.  Imagine you paid some money now and it was gone in three weeks with minimal effort.  How much?  Is there anything that does that with exercize and moderate eating?  Is there ANY pill that actually works? 

I digress.  I have wasted enough money on that crap.  Bottom line, I'll keep the workouts up and start journaling again tomorrow.  Because that seems to be the only thing that has not let me down. 

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