Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Intro to Circuit Training by Andi

I am disappointed to report to you all that I remain off track.  The past few weeks have been void of discipline.  We took a great camping vacation to Mesa Verde during which time I hiked, but ate pretty bad.  About 2 hours into the drive down there (a ten hour drive) we stopped at a gas station and picked up snacks.  I went over board and chose poorly.  I found chocolate peanut butter bugles.  They were really yummy.  Of course I ate the whole bag which seemed like a normal woman serving size but I am pretty sure the bag was fit for 3.5 servings.  I also picked me up some corn nuts.  I am sure they are not as healthy as I excused them for telling myself "Corn nuts.  Natural.  Corn.  Good for me."  Anyhow, this diversion to the gas station set the tone for my eating for the week.  I had my share of these marvelous thin cookie fig newtons and some wine coolers and Pringles.  Those things are still the bees knees.  As you can imagine, fresh fruit and veggies while camping is not easy.  Anyhow, I am up to 156.4.  So I have gained about 4 pounds since the work weight loss challenge.  It could be worse.

My work buddy, Mikie, got her hands on a really cool workout.  By cool, I mean kick butt.  I learned today (my third day of this new workout) it's called "circuit training."  I have heard this term before but did not realize was it really was.  I thought it was jumping from machine to machine.  What we are doing is running for one minute in between each weight exercise. I alternate days with lower body and upper body.  I have 4 weight exercises and I do 15 reps and three sets.  Upper body is easy for me because I am comfortable with it.  I have been doing that for six months or so.  Lower body weights is new to me.  I discovered some new muscles in my rear!   Who knew?  Circuit training is hard but a good thing.  I really don't like running.  So by the time one minute is up, I am really to get off the treadmill for a break!  Works for me!  I don't like hogging the treadmill for 45 minutes but so far, I don't think I've pissed anyone off too much.  I have been sure to follow the workout with a protein shake.  I moved my workouts to after work.  With the kids new summer schedule, it made more sense to stay a little later at work and work out then.  I will revert to 4:00 wake up time when school goes back in session.  For now, 5:50 works very nicely.  It's a good feeling sipping on a cup of coffee watching the news and kissing my man goodbye for the day.  Or giving the head nod on those mornings when I don't wish to subject him to my morning coffee breath. 

I am happy about what I have accomplished this week with my workouts and eating.  I hope the numbers will show for it next week.  I know muscle weighs more than fat and although I am not bulking up from the past 6 months of weights, I do believe part of my slower weight loss is due to gaining muscle.  PART.  I need to get a hold on my eating. 

For two days now I have used the My Fitness Pal to track my food.  It's so annoying to track food.  But if I eat like I did today for  another 5 weeks, it says I will be down 9 pounds.  So, I think I will get back into the habit.  The so annoying habit. 

Speaking of annoying, we got back on Wii Fit last weekend and I am "overweight" again.  I want to get into that normal range so bad.  I hate hate hate it when the little Wii Fit voice tells me I am overweight especially in front of my family who escape the judgement of little Wii Fit voice because they are all "healthy weight."  And then Wii fit voice has the audacity to tell me that a healthy weight for me may be 132.  Excuse me?  Can we just focus on like 145?  Maybe start with 150.  I think I am kinda healthy now.  So kiss my ass, Wii Fit voice. 

I digress.  Spiritual Finesses.  Tug has been reading a lot of very thought provoking books.  We have had some great discussions on faith.  I started one of the books.  It's called A Case for Faith.  I like it.  However, a little over a week ago, I got together with some girlfriends of mine who I have not seen in a while which resulted in the book taking a back seat.  This "Bunko Group" does not play Bunko anymore, rather we all go out to dinner and eat and talk.  Recently we decided to do a book club with each other.  I have been out of the loop a bit with Tug's old crappy schedule but now I can see them again.  So last we met, we were at a wine/painting place and had a great time.  We always do.  We decided the next book we will read will be Fifty Shades of Grey.  So I bought it on our family Kindle.  I mention that this is our family Kindle so you understand that I need to finish this book fast and delete it before my eight year old decides to give it a try.  Wow.  I heard this book is mommy porn and I cannot argue with that assessment.  I have put aside the Case for Faith for Fifty Shade of Grey and I feel pretty slimy about it.  However, it's intriguing.  I need to know what is up with this man.  Clearly, my spiritual fitness quest is on hold.

So that's the story.  Brace yourself for a big weight loss when I weigh in next week!  This circuit training cannot let me down! 

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