Monday, June 18, 2012

Death to the Scale by Andi

After a week of circuit including tons of sweat and healthier eating, I have gained 2 pounds.  That's right.  My new official weigh loss since January is ten pounds.  Whoo hoo.  (read WTF).  I am very discouraged.  However, I am not dumping this work out.  There is no way this is bad for me.  No way.  I actually ran into the author of this particular circuit workout today in the gym.  I told him of this side effect.  He seemed confused.  Probably thought I was goofing off on the food, which I really have gotten back on track this past week.  He said I am definitely burning a lot of calories so keep it up.  I will.  Another week.  I feel good.  I think weight training is important to overall health so I may have to do something drastic like throw out the little judgemental box in the bathroom. 

Today I increased my cardio by doing 17 minutes of high cardio before the circuit workout.  I did arms and core today.  Still running for a minute in between each set. I also bumped up my run from a 5.5 to a 5.8.  I ate very well.  Had one little bag of skittles but otherwise ate clean.  Oatmeal with blueberries and a little pecans and almonds, thin sandwich buns with turkey, fruit and fat free cottage cheese, a protein shake, 4 oz steak, broccoli, lettuce with low fat dressing.  That's a clean eating day!  Aside from the skittles.  Maybe I am not eating enough?  My workout was about 450 calories.  Something to consider.  I have also done a better job getting plenty of water but I know I need more.  I think I had about 52 ounces. 

Next post will be in 7 days.  What's gonna happen?  Tune-in to find out!  The scale will live another week. 

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