Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Redefining Goals by Andi

Hello friends!  You have tuned in today!  One week ago I decided to spare the scale its electronic life and stick with my kick-butt circuit workout for another week.  The news this week?  I'm hanging steady at 158.2.  Am I discouraged?  Not really.  I have been eating well, sweating hard, increasing my weights a little (it was getting a little easy) and I have been noticing some cool definition in my arms and shoulders.  Obvioulsy, I am creating muscle and losing a little fat to be doing all this and staying the same weight. 

Back in January, I made a goal of getting to 140.  Not gonna happen.  It's not.  And that's ok.  I would like to slim down still but that weight is not compatable to getting healthy in the way I think I need to get healthy.  Meaning, I want to be strong.  I don't want to be a stick and I don't want to be void of muscle definition.  I think muscle strength begets health in so many ways.  I also think it increases my metabolism to allow me more food thus I don't have to diet.  I just have to eat healthy!  Deal.  But I need a goal. 

First, I plan to run the Dirty Girl run in September.  I need to register.  If any of you want to join me, let me know!  Second, I need to get a better handle on healthy eating.  What does this look like?  Not sure yet.  Minimize processed foods.  Eat natural.  Try to stay around 1400 calories a day.  I am anxious to see a movie recommended by my friend Samantha.  It's called Forks Over Knives.  There is a long wait on our Blockbuster account.  I may have to actually GO to a Blockbuster store!  More on that movie after I get to see it.  And I think I should focus on a smalller size clothes.  I think I will feel a big success in this quest when I can fit into a size 8 and feel NO tightness.  A comfortable 8.  Right now, most clothes are a 10.  Some of them are a little tight.  Most fit well. 

This topic reminds me of a segment on some late night fake news show (Inside Edition or something like that) that told of a dating company that hosted nights out where singles could meet other singles over a drink.  The kicker...all the women had to be a size 8 or lower.  The bouncer staff even checked the womens' clothing tags for sizes! The men had no size restriction.  Shocker.  I was horrified.  Please understand that this has nothing to do with my goal of a size 8.  It's just, I used to be a size 8.  I have a lot of nice clothes that are that size.  I think I would feel good at that size.  I have no plans to check out this dating group.  (I gotta man!)  In fact, I am secreting hoping these desperate women who would allow a bouncer to read their clothing tags will find someone special, get married at a lovely size 4, have a beautiful honeymoon, create a mircle of life, lose all the pregnancy weight and then some, work full time earning enough money to allow them to live a comfortable life and never have to worry about their husbands leaving them for a woman half their age since it's clear thier husbands fell in love with what was on the inside.

Okay!  On that note, I wish you all another great week!  Maybe you can check out that movie Forks Over Knives and comment about it.  This week, I'm going to keep up the circuits, ask my husband to put the scale away to where I won't find it for a few months and enjoy the fact that I can hold the planks for 40 seconds now as opposed to 30 seconds in May. 

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