Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chipotle Ranch Chips May Ruin Me This Weekend (By Andi)

Over the past week, I think I have done a pretty good job eating better and adding exercise into my schedule. I worked out four times (25 minutes of aerobic and 5-10 of weights or resistance). I had good breakfasts each morning with the exception of Thursday when I went a little crazy with the granola. Lunches were good. Dinners were good. Snacks were good. So at one point, I was down four pounds! I know that is a lot for one week. Then yesterday, I got home from picking up the kids and I basically lost my mind. I pigged out pretty good. Have you ever tried the Lays chipotle ranch potato chips? Or how about the Wheat Thins Stix? So good. And instead of making two dinners to please the kids and my diet, I cooked this "family size" frozen chicken, broccoli, rice, cheese casserole dish concoction that had enough sodium to kill a flock of birds and enough fat to make Santa sick. It was kinda yucky but edible if eaten with buttered toast sprinkled with garlic salt. I thought the kids would like it. They didn't. They told me they would pretend it was ice cream and try to eat it. They took about five bites between the two of them. That was a dinner FAIL. And why did I eat it after tasting it and discovering it was not any good? It took 60 minutes to cook. I hate wasting money and I hate wasting time. So much in fact, I would rather eat crappy food I paid for and took 60 minutes to cook than toss it and find something better. We will cross that item off future shopping lists. And thus, my total weight loss this week...2.6 lbs. Still, not too shabby.

Finding the time to exercise has been a challenge as I expected. This week I did most of it while watching my son play Xbox and after my daughter went to bed. Pushing it back this late into the evening (8:00) has pushed my bedtime back too. Going to bed at 11:00 and getting up at 5:10 is not working for me. Do I dare get up at 4:30 next week and start my day with a workout? Tune in next week and see!

Just a few more wins for me this week: no alcohol, no cookies, I tossed out the eggnog (that was a waste of money that made me flinch), no sticking my hand in the cereal box for a fistful of yums to taste what the kids are having, no Starbucks (no salted caramel mocha), no fast food. And earlier today, I opened the Goldfish cracker box, poured a bit out for my daughter and did not have ANY! Woot! Woot! (Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest triumphs!)

Tomorrow starts another week. Bring. It. I'm ready. Let's hope my co-workers will stop bringing their little treats to the office to share and let's hope Tug finishes off the chipotle ranch chips soon.

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