Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Time Blogger, Tenth Time Dieter (By Andi)

First, let me acknowledge that I know I am not supposed to call it dieting. It's a "lifestyle change." Nonetheless, I have not yet been able to change it for more than about 4 months. I have lost weight over and over. Weight Watchers three times. Slimgenics once. Old fashioned dieting the rest of the time. So the big question for 2012 is what will I do differently to make this time a true lifestyle change? Well the last time, Slimgenics, I swore to myself to get on the scale every day and if I saw the scale start to go up, I would push out a couple really good days of exercise and eat clean. That did not work. I did not follow through. And when my pants started to get a little tight, I chalked it up to water retention or the washing machine shrinking my clothes. Well guess what? Three bigger sizes means I gained the weight back. Period. I got on the scale two nights ago and my suspicions were confirmed. And I cried. I am so disappointed in myself. I read a very cool quote on a Facebook friend's page the other day. A set-back is just a set-up for a come-back. And so it begins!

This blog was Tug's idea. I got a text from him while I was at work the other day asking me "How serious are you about getting fit?" He's a sweet guy. He did not say "losing weight." Then he told me about his idea of a blog. I agreed to it because I think I need to be more accountable to someone and you are it! I think you will get very different posts from the two of us. I struggle with weight. I want to feel better and look good. He wants to train for bike races and running! He's a pretty fit guy. Not overweight in the least. Ug I hate thinking we weigh about the same. Anyhow, I expect our posts will be very different. After all, this is the same guy who can sit in his easy chair and eat chocolate peanut butter cups right before bed each night and not gain a pound. This is the same guy who lost three pounds on our cruise last year when I gained nine! Does this paint a picture for you? Different challenges. Different posts.

I am a full-time working mom. I love my job but it's pretty intense at times. I get up at 5:20, get to work at 6:30, get off work at 3:00, pick up one kid from school at 3:30, the other from her school at 4:00 and spend from 4:00 to 5:30 enjoying time with them. Homework, playing, taking them to swim class, baseball, cub scouts, dance class... Then I make dinner, clean it up, pick up around the house, do some couch sitting with them (Where's Perry?) until Tug gets home just in time to tag team getting the kids to bed. First problem, I have not carved time to work out. That is one lifestyle change I need to work on first.

The very good news is...I am ready! It wasn't the feeling of fat rolls on my sides while driving the car that did it. It wasn't breathing harder while walking up the stairs at work. It wasn't knowing that most of my wardrobe was too tight. These are all things that have been bugging me for months. It was going to Kohl's on Friday and realizing I am three sizes above where I want to be. I want to lose 30 pounds. I will be very content with 20 but I am going for 30. First, I need to have my fat clothes fit loose. Then I need to get into a size 10. Then I will reevaluate but I hope to be in a size 8 by this time next year.

So here is where I start. Again. I pulled out some trusted tools. I have this Slim for Life cookbook that I love! Like any eating healthier plan, food prep takes time. But this cookbook is more realistic for me and my family than many others I have, including the Weight Watchers ones that often call for obscure ingredients that I have to make a special trip to the store for. I pulled out the scale. Ug. It's important for me to see the numbers. No more blaming the washing machine for a change in the way my clothes fit. I dusted off the elliptical. I actually got on it last night! That's right. New Year's Eve. I ellipticized for 25 minutes. It felt pretty good. And I got out our Wii Fit and Wii Biggest Loser games. My son and I had a blast last night playing Wii Fit. And here's a trick I learned last night. While many were out drinking alcohol including fancy little martinis, which I love, I poured me some Mio pomegranate flavored water and sparkling pear cider into a martini glass and sipped like it was a 10 dollar drink. Not bad. I might use the martini glass every day for my Mio water! By the way, Mio sweet tea rocks!

Tug is right in his previous post. This will all boil down to finding the time. Making the time. Taking the time for ME. I need to exercise and prepare good food while balancing my roles as a mom, wife, friend, employee, supervisor. And so begins the come-back!

Here's to a healthier way of life in 2012!