Saturday, January 14, 2012

Temptation (By Andi)

It's the end of week two. I am down a total of 5.2 lbs. I am really proud of that number! I think I earned it. I got up early 4 times this week for a pre-workday workout and I ate pretty well.

Despite plenty of temptation this past week, I think I responded well. I am tentative saying that because I did give in a little and giving in to just a little temptation has been a slippery slope for me in the past. I have a bad habit of giving in to temptation and then telling myself something really stupid like "Well, you just blew it today. You might as well have whatever else you want." And then I would proceed to pig out.

This week, I did not do that. Nonetheless this week was full of reminders that LIFE is full of temptations and I can't expect myself to be perfect all the time with what I eat because if I feel deprived, one day, I will blow it and proceed to stuff my face. I have got to find balance between eating well and not depriving myself.

So what was so enticing? Earlier this week, my co-worker had her birthday and we took her to lunch. She chose Red Robin. Yes, the place with fried jalapenos on salads. And the others kept a couple baskets of endless fries on the table the whole time. I had water and the chicken apple salad with no dressing. Then the other night, my very loving husband suggested we go out to the Olive Garden for dinner. I had minestrone soup, salad, a glass of wine and one of those yummy chocolate mint candies that comes with the bill. I actually left two of those candies on the table. Wasteful. And of course, would you believe that the chipotle ranch chips are still sitting in my pantry? And Tug made chocolate chip cookies from the dough in the freezer two nights this week. And lunch snuck up on me and the kids today while we were out running around and low and behold, McDonald's was right there! They got Happy Meals. My daughter even put three fries aside for me and said "Here mommy, these are for you." I would be remiss not to tell you that, as I type this, the whole family is asleep and we have things in my house like cookie dough, nilla wafers, chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream and goldfish crackers. Seriously? Is this a joke?

As you can see, it was not an easy week. I don't expect my family (all of whom are slim) to give up the foods they like because I'm trying to lose weight. BUT what's a girl to do?

The temptation battle will rage on. I am open to suggestions. For now, I have two weapons. The first is gum that tastes like desserts I like such as chocolate mint ice cream. Not bad. The second is the fact I had some dental work done on Tuesday and my mouth hurts. I'm serious. That's my very sad second weapon and I don't think the pain will hold on much longer. I need a plan.

Now please excuse me as I go get those flippin' chipotle ranch chips from the pantry. Tug said I can toss them. And tossed they shall be!


  1. A Free D ay is the key to balance. Moderation in all things. I lost (and kept off for over a year) 25 lbs. Know how I did it? Moderation. I allow myself one day a week to eat that one thing that has been calling me. Chips? On Sunday. Ice cream? On Sunday. Fried chicken? On Sunday. The rest of the week I eat healthy (small) portions. On Sunday I eat whatever I want. In a small portion. On a plate. At the table. Worked for me without a strict diet.

  2. That's good stuff! Thanks Sarah! I have heard that before but never implemented it. I will do it.