Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The New Girl at the Gym (By Andi)

I am half way through this second week and feeling GOOD! I am down a total of five pounds! This week I started getting up WAY before the crack of dawn and working out. I now get up at 4:20 and I am at the gym by 5 am. I am using the gym at work and then getting ready for my day in the work locker room. There are surprisingly a lot of people on the roads at 4:40 am. And who knew that there are a fair amount of people who actually make it to the work gym before 5 am!? I was surprised. I work in a law enforcement agency. I am a civilian. And, of course, a woman. I am the only woman and the only civilian I have seen in the gym this early in the morning so far. I stick out. On my first morning of this new workout I was on the treadmill in the middle of a decent uphill speed walk, sweating it up pretty good when I looked down and realized how very dorky I must look. It was my shoes. A while back I bought Shape-Up shoes. These are the walking shoes with a great big sole. They are supposed to tone your legs better than regular walking shoes. The day I brought them home, Tug said he just read an article saying they don't work like they claim to according to studies. (He probably also said something about walking behind me when I wear them as to not be seen with me. I don't think he likes the looks of them.) Well, I wouldn't give. I just bought them. They were spanking new. I hate wasting money! I hate wasting time (I did not want to return them). So I broke off the tag and they were mine! Nonetheless, I did some Internet searching and found mixed reviews including some people who claim to have thrown out their backs or developed bad knee problems. I was not deterred. Within the first week of wearing them around the house, I got a twitch in my eye. It lasted an abnormally long time. The shoes? Doubt it, but I thought it was funny to blame the shoes instead of living with a twitching eye and having no explanation. So these shoes...normally they are about $70. I found them on sale at Kohl's (surprise) for $19.99! Sold. And why were they so cheap? No one wanted them. And why would no one want them? They are bright white (so?) with purple and lavender trim. And thus, I seem a little out of place in my law enforcement gym. And my pink tank top does not help. Real quick, the shoes...I think they are comfortable and I truly think they make my workouts harder. Especially walking up hills. And my twitch is gone, so I'm sticking with them.

My work out has consisted of a 30 minute walk at an incline of 4-5 at a speed of 3.7-3.9. I am the only one using a treadmill to walk. Most of the others there are lifting weights. And if someone does come over and use the other treadmill, he's running. Pretty fast. Even the old salts that workout there in the morning run. It's impressive. And for those of you who know the workout room attendees, when I say "old salts," I am not talking about our boss man. That would be rude. After I walk, I do like 10 minutes of triceps, biceps and other arm muscles of which I know exist (because they hurt a little now). After the workout and getting ready in the locker room, I start my day at my desk at 6:30. This may sound like a cliche, but this early morning (near middle of the night) workout really makes me feel good throughout the day and I really do have more energy. And the best part is, it does not take time away from my kids. Love. That. Is this sustainable? I think so. There are people I work with that do this and they have been doing this for a very long time. I think I can too!

Food. I've done well packing my food the night before and keeping it healthy, tasteful and filling. It has not been easy. I was up until 10:30 last night cooking salmon for my lunch salad today. That's some jacked-up dedication. And not very sustainable. I need to do a better job at that otherwise, I can see myself blowing off food preparation and going right for the high sodium frozen meals, of which I will probably have tomorrow since we need to go to the store.

So this is my week so far. I am excited about the results. I know I can lose weight. I know I am on the right track. I just have to sustain it. Time to put the kids to bed and make some healthy pancakes for tomorrow. (The Eating for Life pancake recipe is so good! Fairly easy to make, filling and yummy. Check it out!)

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