Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What the Hell Happened This Week???

Wow!  It's been only two days since my last post and I am already WAY off track.  I haven't hopped on the bike at all in the last two days.  I also haven't gotten up early to lift weights.  Sunday night, into Monday morning, I didn't sleep very well, so when the alarm went off, I predictably hit the "snooze" and sacked out until my regular getting up time.  Boo me!  I did set my alarm for 6am this morning, but unpredictably I forget to actually turn the damn thing on.  Boo me, again!  On the bright side, I did sleep soundly right up until 645am, which I haven't done in a LONG time.  I at least have that going for me.  Sheesh!  I suppose I could spend the hours when I get home working out.  Truth be told though, I really would rather spend that time with my kids and wife.  My work schedule has me working until 730pm and getting home around 8pm.  That gives me an hour with the kids before they hit the hay.  Then another hour of quality time with Andi before we hit the hay.  Since I work at least one weekend day a week, my time with them is pretty limited.  I know that sounds like an excuse, and maybe it is.  However, I feel this time with them contributes to my mental and relationship fitness. 

I really have to hand it Andi, though.  She is really taking this whole thing on full-bore... which she normally does when she gets going.  She doesn't do anything unless she's 100% committed.  She's been getting up at 4am to get to her work early so she can work out there BEFORE work.  Pretty awesome that she has a gym at work she can make use of.  I wish my place of work did.  We're a Fortune 200 company with tens of thousands of employees, yet no gym or childcare provided.  I don't get it.  At any rate, considering her schedule at work, at home, volunteering for school stuff with the kids, etc., I don't know how she does it.  She's pretty amazing.  Dare I say it?  She is actually inspiring me.  Tomorrow I WILL drag my lazy ass out of bed to work out.  Yeah, tomorrow is my weekly 13 hour day at work... but if she can get up at 4am, I can get up at 5am.  I WILL DO IT.  NO EXCUSES. 

I did discover something fascinating on Monday morning when I weighed myself.  This is a topic for another conversation... BUT you CAN apparently lose up to 4 pounds in 7 hours by simply laying around in bed.  I must explore this further.  I may be on to the next great diet fad: Sleep Away the Fat! 

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